Random Field Events

As you progress to the next month in the game, you will often encounter various people who come and interact with you on the main overworld map. These people have a variety of features including informing you of special occurances in the nations, informing you of issues, finding items and more.

These are almost always completely random and some require you to make a choice and some cost you cash. However, some do have real effects on the gameplay in certain nations.

Person Effect
Merchant Appears and sells items that the normal stores do not sell such as Evolution items.
Visit of the Doctor A doctor will come and will explain to you about evolution, abilities and ranks.
Farmers From time to time, certain Warlords will introduce you to farmers of the various nations who request an investment of cash. Give them the cash and it will make a few changes. Giving them 1,000 increases the amount of items in the shop in the area. Giving them 2,500 gives you a discount in stores and giving them 5,000 will allow you to find the items: "Hero's Proof", "Last Stand Talisman" or "Lucky Coin".
Rain From time to time, rainfall will afflict a few nations within Ransei. During the duration of this rain, Water-type moves are powered up .
Sunshine From time to time, intense sunshine will afflict a few nations within Ransei. During the duration of this sunshine, Fire-type moves are powered up .
Snow From time to time, snowfall will afflict a few nations within Ransei. During the duration of this snow, Ice-type moves are powered up .
Thief On the odd occassion, a character from the nation will inform you that an item of theirs has been stolen. This will send you into a battle against their Pokémon. Win and tension of your Pokémon is increased.
Peaceful Warlords If you haven't used a Warlords in a while, they may come and tell you that they have found a special item such as "Double Power".
Hostility If you have left an enemy team too long with no contest, they will start to get some anxiety and a Warlords with a Gabite will go around the various nations of the opposing army and increase their strength considerably.
Fireworks if you have found the item "Fireworks" in combat, when the year starts over a firework display will begin which increases the morale of your Warlords.
Legends Providing you have met the requirements, you may get informed that a rare legendary Pokémon has appeared within one of the nations.