Carmonte Island

This game has a single player mode in the Quests option which takes place on Carmonte Island. This island is where everyone goes to for Pokémon Figure battles and has multiple hotels, each with various levels and challenges to complete. Each hotel has got a leader and, like gyms in the mainline Pokémon games, gives you a badge to show that you have completd it

You unlock more of the hotels as you progress through the game and earn more badges to try and get to the top of the Jewel Tower and win the World Championships to get the tower.

The non-hotel buildings in the game allow for access of the shop and the alterations of your figures and decks, which can also be found on the menu at the bottom of the screen at any time when not in play.

Location Listings

Badge Hotel Unlock Method Leader Number of Stages
Ulex Ulex
Beginning Yuji 12
Chateau de Rosa Chateau de Rosa
Complete Ulex Nadya 15
Atlantis Atlantis
Complate Chateau de Rosa Joe 18
Olivia Palace Olivia Palace
パレス オリヴィア
Complete Atlantis Brenda 20
The Volcano The Volcano
Complete Palace Olivia Don Roger 25
Elysium Elysium
Complete Volcano
Available after May 2016
NO7 30