League Match

Pokémon Duel's main mode is the League feature. This mode, as of Version 2.0, is the first one you encounter when you load the game up. Here, you will see a variety of things including access to your deck, as well as the ability to play or pick the other menu options. Prior to Version 2, you needed special Room Tickets to play online matches.

With each match you compete in, you will receive unlock keys for the Locked Boosters. You get 1 key for losing a match and 3 for winning. You will also be able to store up boosters and unlock them with Gems. Each booster comes with figures or material for you to help build your deck.

League Match

When you play, you will play with random players online. As you do, you will rank up or down depending on if you win or lose. This rating is then based on the opponent's own rating. You will only face other players within the same league as you. As your rating increases, you will access various other leagues as you rank up. When you rank up, more figures become available in the Boosters you obtain through League Matches. The rankings are as follows

Picture Rank Rating New Unlocks
~1300 Trainer VenusaurCharizardBlastoise
1500+ Leader DialgaPalkiaGiratina
1700+ Elite MewtwoMewChesnaught
1900+ Champion LatiosXerneasYveltal
2100+ Great ArticunoZapdosMoltres
2400+ Ultra LugiaHo-OhGarchomp
2700+ Master MagmortarManaphyZygarde
3000+ Legend MagmortarManaphyZygarde
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