ID-287 - Mega BlazikenOther Blaziken Figures

Movement: 2
Rarity: UX
Type: Fire / Fighting
Special Ability: Blaze Boogie - This Pokémon can MP move over other Pokémon on the field. Opposing Pokémon moved over in this way are now Burned. Your Fire-type and Fighting-type Pokémon do +10 damage.

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    4 Miss Red
    28 Wall Crusher Purple Move the battle opponent to a spot one step away from the battle opponent. If there is a Pokémon in that spot, that Pokémon moves to its PC. The battle opponent gains Wait. ☆☆
    28 Jet Kick Gold If the battle opponent is knocked out, this Pokémon moves to a spot 2 steps away, after the battle. This Pokémon gains Wait. 50
    4 Miss Red
    32 Flare Blitz White If this Pokémon is knocked out, the battle opponent becomes burned. 130
    96All-Out PummellingWhite Z-MoveAttaches a Cracked marker to opposing Pokémon in a straight line directly behind the battle opponent260
    96Inferno OverdriveWhite Z-MoveThe battle opponent and the Pokémon in a straight line directly behind it become burned.260