ID-319 - HonedgeOther Honedge Figures

Movement: 2
Rarity: UC
Type: Steel / Ghost
Special Ability: No Guard: Spectral - This Pokémon may MP move through other Pokémon on the field. If this Pokémon or its battle opponent spins a Blue Attack, shift the spin to an Attack next to it instead.

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    20 Swords Dance White Spin again until an attack other than Swords Dance is spun. Damage Attacks deal x2 damage
    56 Slash White 50
    4 Miss Red
    16 Dodge Blue
    96Never-Ending NightmareWhite Z-MoveAll opposing Pokémon on the field spin. Those that spin White Attacks get an MP-1 marker.100
    96Corkscrew CrashWhite Z-MoveIf the battle opponent is knocked out, then after the battle, this Pokémon moves to a point 2 steps away100