ID-364 - DartrixOther Dartrix Figures

Movement: 2
Rarity: R
Type: Grass / Flying
Special Ability: None

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    8 Miss Red
    56 Leaf Blade White Spin again - if Leaf Blade is spun, it deals +50 damage 50+
    4 Miss Red
    28 Swinging Throw Purple Spin for an opposing Pokémon within 2 steps. If the result is anything other than a Blue Attack, knock it out.
    96Supersonic SkystrikeWhite Z-MoveAny Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent other than this Pokémon spin. Those that spin White Attacks move to the bench. This Pokémon gains Wait 3.100
    96Bloom DoomWhite Z-MoveRemoves all special conditions from your Pokémon100