ID-436 - MarshadowOther Marshadow Figures

Movement: 3
Rarity: EX
Type: Fighting / Ghost
Special Ability: Gloomdweller - This Pokémon can MP move through other Pokémon on the field. While this Pokémon is on the field, opposing Pokémon deal -20 damage for each Ghost-type Pokémon adjacent to them. This effect does not stack

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    36 Spectral Thief White This attack's damage is boosted by the amount of any Attack damage increases from the battle opponent's Ability 70
    4 Miss Red
    2 Shadow Sneak Gold 30
    24 Dodge Blue
    96All-Out PummellingWhite Z-MoveAttaches a Cracked marker to opposing Pokémon in a straight line directly behind the battle opponent140
    96Never-Ending NightmareWhite Z-MoveAll opposing Pokémon on the field spin. Those that spin White Attacks get an MP-1 marker.140
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