ID-461 - ScraftyOther Scrafty Figures

Movement: 2
Rarity: R
Type: Dark / Fighting
Special Ability: Rubbery Repulsion - If the battle opponent of this Pokémon spins an Attack of 130 or more damage, this Pokémon is not knocked out. Instead. while the battle opponent is on the field, that Pokémon deals -10 damage

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    4 Miss Red
    28 High Jump Kick White 80
    24 Dragon Dance White Spin again until an Attack other than Dragon Dance is spun. Damage Attacks deal +50 damage
    8 Miss Red
    28 Fake Out Purple This Pokémon switches places with its battle opponent. ☆☆☆
    96All-Out PummellingWhite Z-MoveAttaches a Cracked marker to opposing Pokémon in a straight line directly behind the battle opponent160
    96Black Hole EclipseWhite Z-MoveReduces the opponetn's Z-Move gauge by two thirds of its max value160