ID-621 - BounsweetOther Bounsweet Figures

Movement: 2
Rarity: UC
Type: Grass
Special Ability: Refreshing Aroma - When this Pokémon moves from the bench to the field, remove any special conditions from all of your Pokémon on the field

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    24 Mystery Scent Purple You may choose one of your Pokémon on the field and evolve it. ☆☆
    40 Rapid Spin White Spin again until Rapid Spin does not land - damage is multiplied by the number of Rapid Spin spins 40x
    24 Sweet Scent purple One Pokémon within 3 steps range is drawn 1-2 steps closer to this Pokémon and gains Wait
    96Bloom DoomWhite Z-MoveRemoves all special conditions from your Pokémon80