ID-639 - Shiny Mega Charizard XOther Charizard Figures

Movement: 3
Rarity: UX
Type: Fire / Dragon
Special Ability: Inferno Ladder - When this Pokémon appears as a Mega Evolution, remove the frozen condition from all of your Pokémon. Pokémon knocked out by the attacks of this Pokémon are temporarily removed from the duel, returning to the bench 7 turns later

Move List

  • Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
    4 Miss Red
    56 Bright Flame White Spin again until Bright Flame does not land - damage is multiplied by the number of Bright Flame spins. Note that all adjacent Pokémon become burned. 60x
    4 Miss Red
    32 Backdraft White Move the battle opponent and opposion Pokémon adjacent to the battle opponent to their PC 120
    96Inferno OverdriveWhite Z-MoveThe battle opponent and the Pokémon in a straight line directly behind it become burned.240
    96Devastating DrakePurple Z-MoveA Pokémon on the field spins. If it spins a Miss or a White Attack of 120 damage or more, it is knocked out☆☆☆☆