One of the more unique functions brought in by Pokémon Gold & Silver is the ability to decorate your room. This feature continued on in later games within your Secret Bases, but this was the first one to implement it. Unlike the later games, this room only has a vew categories for you to fill up your room with just one item. As such, the customisation is minimal

To get the items, for the most part you just have to use Mystery Gift with other Pokémon Gold, Silver or Crystal players, or utilise the Mystery Gift feature of Pokémon Stadium 2; your mother may also purchase certain items. Incidentally, you can view your room's decorations in full 3D within Pokémon Stadium 2

To change the decorations, you just need to access the PC in your room. The decorations you can place are as follows:


PictureNameObtained By
Feathery BedGame Start
Pink BedMystery Gift
Polkadot BedMystery Gift
Pikachu BedMystery Gift
Stadium 2 only


PictureNameObtained By
Red CarpetMystery Gift
Blue CarpetMystery Gift
Yellow CarpetMystery Gift
Green CarpetMystery Gift


PictureNameObtained By
MagnaPlantMystery Gift
TropicPlantMystery Gift
JumboPlantMystery Gift


PictureNameObtained By
Town MapBeginning
Pikachu PosterMystery Gift
Clefairy PosterMystery Gift
Jigglypuff PosterMystery Gift

Game Console

PictureNameObtained By
NESMystery Gift
Super NESMystery Gift
Nintendo64Mystery Gift
Virtual BoyMystery Gift


PictureNameObtained By
Pikachu DollMother's Savings
Surf Pikachu DollMystery Gift
Clefairy DollMother's Savings
Jigglypuff DollMystery Gift
Bulbasaur DollMystery Gift
Charmander DollMother's Savings
Squirtle DollMystery Gift
Poliwag DollMystery Gift
Diglett DollMystery Gift
Staryu DollMystery Gift
Magikarp DollMystery Gift
Oddish DollMystery Gift
Gengar DollMystery Gift
Shellder DollMystery Gift
Grimer DollMystery Gift
Voltorb DollMystery Gift
Weedle DollMystery Gift
Unown DollMystery Gift
Stadium 2 only
Geodude DollMystery Gift
Machop DollMystery Gift
Tentacool DollMystery Gift
Stadium 2 only
Gold TrophyOpen Gorgeous Box found on Pokémon obtained in Stadium - Round 2
Silver TrophyOpen Normal Box found on Pokémon obtained in Stadium - Round 1

Big Doll

PictureNameObtained By
Big SnorlaxMother's Savings
Big OnixMystery Gift
Big LaprasMystery Gift