Another feature introduced within Gold & Silver was the feature that allows your mother to save your money for you. This is very handy if you keep finding yourself losing battles and thus losing half your money. You can depost and withdraw money at any time and even call your mother to check the balance from your PokéGear. Whenever you win a battle, 25% of the money you earn from the battle automatically goes to your mother.

There is another use than just saving the money, however. If you do this, when you reach certain amounts of money, your mother will start to purchase certain items for you. Unlike in the remakes of this game, there are only a handful of items capable of being purchased and once you've got them all, you no longer receive any more. The items are as follows

NameEffectPrice Obtained
RepelPrevents wild Pokémon attacking for 100 steps200
Super PotionHeals a Pokémon by 50HP600
Hyper PotionHeals a Pokémon by 200HP900
Charmander DollUsed to decorate your room1800
MoonstoneEvolves certain Pokémon3000
Clefairy DollUsed to decorate your room4800
Pikachu DollUsed to decorate your room8000
Big SnorlaxUsed to decorate your room22700