Reef (Evening)

Unlock Requirement: Complete Aurus Island Illumina Spot

Requirements for Research Level
Level 2: 50,000 XP
Level 3: 90,000 XP
Level MAX: XP

The sunset bathes the Pokémon of the reef in evening light as the day comes to an end.

Reef (Evening)

Alternate Paths

Blue Hole

Unlock Level: Level 1

This path is available permanently and without need for activating. As you progress towards the end you'll see a collection of Pokémon seemingly out of reach. If you scan you'll find the path to a hidden beach

Maricopia Reef - Blue Hole

List of Pokémon Available in Maricopia Reef at Reef (Evening)


Inkay at Reef (Evening) A squad of Inkay can be found right near the start of the level. They will sometimes bob out of the water allowing for Illumina Orbs and can be activated with the nearby Crystablooms which makes them jump out of the water. If you hit the other Crystablooms by the water, the Wailord will go under and the two Inkay can be seen playing with Manaphy
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Wailord at Reef (Evening) Two Wailord will still sit in the water. They can be hit with Illumina Orbs to et them to spray water out of their blowholes for a 4 star interactions. If you hit both Crystabloomss, the righthand Wailord will go underwater, giving you an additional path
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Squirtle at Reef (Evening) A Squirtle can be seen on top of a pillar blowing out some bubbles. If you knock it down with a Fluffruit, a Wingull will push it into the Whirlpool. Take a picture for a 4 star photo.

If you use Illumina Orb to summon Blastoise after this, Squirtle will be rescued. Take a picture of Squirtle on Blastoise's back for a 4 star photo

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Raichu at Reef (Evening) Alolan Raichu can be found in this stage surfing. This is the same Alolan Raichu from the Beach that was practicing its moves. If you photograph it, it will surf up close to the Wailord and then do a jump. Photograph the jump for a special interaction and a 4 star photo
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Wingull at Reef (Evening) Wingull can be found around the stage flying high or sitting on the pillars
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Mareanie at Reef (Evening) Mareanie can be found towards the end of the stage with the Clamperl. If you can lure it over to the Clamperl by throwing Fluffruit at the Drifblim, it will attack the Clamperl for a 4 star photo
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Drifblim at Reef (Evening) A group of Drfiblim will be seen going through the level, with some carrying Clamperl. This is to take them right to the end to put them into safety. After the Wailord there's a Drifblim you can overinflate for a 4 star photo
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Mantine at Reef (Evening) A school of Mantine will swim through the stage, doing loop jumps. If you turbo ahead and then use scan, the Mantine will do a special rolling jump behind you. Take a picture of the higher jumping Mantine for a 4 star photo
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Primarina at Reef (Evening) Primarina can be found on a pillar blowing bubbles half way through the stage. Once startled, it'll go to swim off but can be made to dance in the water while doing so by hitting an Illumina Orb, causing it to jump in the air for a 4 star photo
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Lapras at Reef (Evening) In the blue hole, a group of four Lapras can be found relaxing. They can start singing when you throw Illumina Orbs at them, with two sitting in the middle. This can create an interaction to summon the Mythical Pokémon Manaphy
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Clamperl at Reef (Evening) Clamperl can be found either being carried through the stage by Drifblim or at the final part of the reef sitting next to the water or in the water.
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1


Vaporeon at Reef (Evening) Vaporeon can be seen at the start of the stage swimming away. If you hit it with an Illumina Orb, it will swim faster and eventually stop on a reef where it can be given some Fluffruit.

Later on in the stage, you'll be able to scan to find a Blue Hole. If you play Melody with it and hit Crystablooms earlier, a Vaporeon will jump out, offering a 4 star photo. It will then follow you and arrive right at the end of the stage

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 1

Vivillon (Ocean Pattern)

Vivillon (Ocean Pattern) at Reef (Evening) Some Ocean Pattern Vivillon can be spotted in the distance within the stage. If you speed through the stage you'll be able to get closer.

There is also a special interaction if you illuminate the Crystablooms by the Inkay and then the second one. A Vivillon will fly to the Manaphy and give a close up image

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 2


Blastoise at Reef (Evening) Blastoise can be found in the whirlpool. If you throw lots of Illumina Orbs at it, Blastoise will spin out of it before rocketing away to the end of the stage. This is a 4 Star interaction. At the end of the stage, you will find Blastoise hiding in its shell
Minimum Research Level: Research Level 2


Manaphy at Reef (Evening) The first appearance of Manaphy you will see requires a lot of intricate work. First, you need to lure the Inkay over to the first Crystablooms and have them jump. If you then hit the second Crystablooms, Wailord will go under water and Manaphy will swim in and play with the Inkay, giving a 3 Star photo shot. It also starts dancing if you play Melody

There is a second appearance if you go to the Blue Spot towards the end which takes you to a small area which has four Lapras. If you hit all four with Illumina Orbs and play the melody, Manaphy will appear, jumping between two Lapras. You can get its 4 Star by then throwing an Illumina Orb at it.

Minimum Research Level: Research Level 2

Missions in Stage

Do note, you need to have received the Research Mission before you can complete it.

Mission Unlock
Drifting Drifblim Drifting Drifblim Get a photo of an overinflated Drifblim by throwing Illumina Orbs at them after the Wailord
The Dancing Songstress The Dancing Songstress Take a picture of Primarina jumping out of the water when it's swimming by throwing an Illumina Orb at it while it's swimming
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Get a picture of Alolan Raichu successfully jumping while surfing
Round and Round Round and Round Get a picture after Squirtle gets caught in the Whirlpool by throwing a Fluffruit to the one by the Whirlpool and Wingull knocking it down
Whirlpool Blast Off Whirlpool Blast Off Get a picture of Blastoise emerging from the Whirlpool using Illumina Orbs
Take One, Please Take One, Please Get a picture of Lapras eating a Fluffruit
A Mighty Rolling Leap A Mighty Rolling Leap Get a picture of Mantine rolling in the air from in front by holding turbo and then using scan
Mareanie's a Meanie Mareanie's a Meanie Get a picture of Mareanie attacking a Clamperl by throwing a Fluffruit at the nearby Drifblim
Voracious Vaporeon Voracious Vaporeon Get a picture of Vaporeon eating a Fluffruit when it gets on land by taking its photo and hitting it with an Illumina Orb
Myth of the Sea Myth of the Sea Get a picture of Manaphy and Lapras