#087 Inkay

General Location
Inkay New Pokémon Snap Sprite Inkay New Pokémon Snap Extra Sprite
Name Other Names Type
Japan: Maaiika
French: Sepiatop
German: Iscalar
Korean: 오케이징
Dark-type Psychic-type
Classification Height Weight
Revolving Pokémon 1'04"

PhotoDex Entry
InkayInkay instinctively reacts to anything in the water that lights up or makes an echoing sound. That's because it usually uses its own luminescence to communicate with others of its kind.


Blushing BeachBeach (Night)
Lental SeafloorUndersea
Maricopia ReefReef (Evening)

Star Rated Photos

3 Star
Get a picture of Inkay using Hypnosis in Undersea)
4 Star
Get a picture of Inkay jumping out of the water by using a Crystabloom in Reef (Evening)
Lure the 5 Inkay together by throwing Fluffruit at them to feed them in Beach (Night). Then when together on the standard path, play Melody and take a photo of them in the air dancing

Example Photos of Inkay

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3 Star Photo

4 Star Photo

Inkay - 3 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap Inkay - 4 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap