#022 Comfey

General Location
Comfey New Pokémon Snap Sprite Comfey New Pokémon Snap Extra Sprite
Name Other Names Type
Japan: Cuwawa
French: Guérilande
German: Curelei
Korean: 큐아링
Classification Height Weight
Posy Picker Pokémon 0'04"

PhotoDex Entry
ComfeyComfey's vine is packed with nutrients, so any flowers it attaches to its vine are revitalized and bloom brightly. The Comfey in the nature park love Florges's flowers and spend all their time in its garden.


Florio Nature ParkPark (Day)
Florio Island Illumina Spot
Secret Side PathSide Path (Day)

Star Rated Photos

3 Star
Get a picture of Comfey dancing by activating a Crystabloom
4 Star
Get a picture of Comfey dancing after activating a Crystabloom and then playing the Melody
Get a picture of Comfey eating a Fluffruit

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3 Star Photo

4 Star Photo

Comfey - 3 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap Comfey - 4 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap