#111 Cradily

General Location
Cradily New Pokémon Snap Sprite Cradily New Pokémon Snap Extra Sprite
Name Other Names Type
Japan: Yuradle
French: Vacilys
German: Wielie
Korean: 릴리요
Rock-type Grass-type
Classification Height Weight
Barnacle Pokémon 4'11"

PhotoDex Entry
CradilyCradily's body is so heavy, even rough seas can't wash it away. It can't move very fast, so it hides among seaweed and reaches out with its tentacles to catch prey.


Lental SeafloorUndersea

Star Rated Photos

3 Star
Get a picture of Cradily dancing in the seaweed by knocking it down and then playing Melody
4 Star
Get a picture of Cradily reacting to you throwing Fluffruit at it repeatedly in the Underwater ruins in Undersea
Wake up a the Cradily in the seaweed and lure it to the open and hit it with an Illumina Orb. Then play Melody for it to dance

Example Photos of Cradily

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3 Star Photo

4 Star Photo

Cradily - 3 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap Cradily - 4 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap