#184 Joltik

General Location
Joltik New Pokémon Snap Sprite Joltik New Pokémon Snap Extra Sprite
Name Other Names Type
Japan: Bachuru
French: Statitik
German: Wattzapf
Korean: 파쪼옥
Bug-type Electric-type
Classification Height Weight
Attaching Pokémon 0'04"

PhotoDex Entry
JoltikDid you notice the Joltik clinging to the other Pokémon in the cave? They can't produce a charge on their own, so they absorb the static electricity from others.


Outaway CaveCave
Durice Island Illumina Spot

Star Rated Photos

3 Star
Get a photo of Joltik peering down on a rock
Get a picture of Joltik startled by Gengar
4 Star
Get a photo of Joltik jumping on Jolteon
Lure a Joltik to the electrified spikes

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3 Star Photo

4 Star Photo

Joltik - 3 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap Joltik - 4 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap