#214 Xerneas

General Location
Xerneas New Pokémon Snap Sprite Xerneas New Pokémon Snap Extra Sprite
Name Other Names Type
Japan: Xerneas
French: Xerneas
German: Xerneas
Korean: 제르네아스
Classification Height Weight
Life Pokémon 9'10"

PhotoDex Entry
XerneasI believe the Xerneas we saw in the ruins was the very first Illumina Pokémon. It's been about 2,000 years since it went to sleep after protecting Lental. Do you think it will ever fully reawaken?


Ruins of RemembranceAurus Island Illumina Spot

Star Rated Photos

1 Star
Get a picture of Xerneas walking around
2 Star
Get a picture of Xerneas after being hit by a Fluffruit or a Illumina Orb
3 Star
Get a picture of Xerenas posing after being hit by an Illumina Orb
4 Star
Wake up the two Houndoom and use Scan to agitate them and get a picture of Xerenas using Geomancy to calm them down

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3 Star Photo

4 Star Photo

Xerneas - 3 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap Xerneas - 4 Star Photo - New Pokémon Snap