Like the previous Pokémon Rumble, there are a variety ofs which can be classed as a main hub. In these towns, there are a variety of ammenities to utilise as well as loads of Pokémon who will aid you in your quests. Each town is styled differently but has the same main features, with the Light Springs for healing situated within the middle. These towns are always located in the first of each chapter. Each town gets quick paths to the other towns as well as the others within the chapter

Easterly TownWesterly TownNortherly TownAxle Town

In addition to that, each town has various Vending Machines exclusive to themselves

Location Move Price
Toy Town Giga Impact 100000P
Toy Town Random Move Varies
Easterly Town Solarbeam 300000P
Easterly Town Random Move 4640P
Westerly Town Random Move 6750P
Westerly Town Random Move 10800P
Westerly Town Fire Blast 30000P
Westerly Town Move Swap 15000P
Northerly Town Random Move 10150P
Northerly Town Surf 300000P
Northerly Town Move Swap 15000P
Axle Town Random Move 10150P
Axle Town Random Move 10150P
Axle Town Move Swap 15000P
Axle Town Surf 300000P
Axle Town Any Move in Learnset Varies (Exchange toys instead of coins)


In each, you will notice a small telescope. If you look through this telescope, you exit the Toyland and return to the toy-shop where your Mii is looking through at the toys. In this, you can collect Street Pass Pokémon, set your Street Pass features and check your profile. You can also delete your game here

Toy Exchange

In each, you will find a green shed. With this shed, you have the ability to release toys you have collected which you no longer require. In doing so, you will earn a lot of money and, if you have transferred the right number of Pokémon, you will get another Pokémon in exchange.

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Co-Op Satellite

The Co-Op Satellite begins wireless transmission to look for players with whom you can play. This allows the two of you to go through the variouss together, working with eachother in order to defeat the enemies

Collection View

The collection view is located within the crowned building and is somewhat similar to the Pokédex in past games. Here, you have the ability to see what Pokémon you have seen as well as the ones you have gained. When you select a Pokémon, you will get their details as well as the location of the Pokémon in the game. It seperates each Pokémon's form as different Pokémon in order to help you make sure you can collect them all

Achievement View

The achievement view is located in a blue dome normally at the top of each town and details everything about the games you have accomplished. The pages go as follows

Page 1: Play Info
Play time, Number of toys defeated, Number of Pokémon befriended, Number of introductions, Number of hidden Pokemon found, World Rank
Page 2: Battle Info 1
Number of attacks made, Number of hits, Number of knockbacks, Number of inflicting dizzy (critical hit) mode, Number of fainting-foes with dizzy mode
Page 3: Battle Info 2
Biggest number of combo (consecutively knocking out foes), largest damage inflicted, largest damage received, number of times helping a companion in Team Battle
Page 4: Switch
Number of Pokémon switches, Number of failed switches
Page 5: Battle achievement 1
Area cleared, Battle Royale victories, Team Battle victories, Charge Battle victories, Mysterious Room 1 victories, Mysterious Room 2 victories
Page 6: Battle achievement 2
Area loss, Battle Royale loss, Cheam Battle loss, Charge Battle loss, other loss, Number of fainted Pokemon
Page 7: Facilities
Number of toys released, vending machine (random move) use, vending machine (designated move) use, Move teach use, number of teacher Pokemon, Number of consecutive sono-battle victory
Page 8: Received money
Amount of P earned, Battle Royale earnings, Team Battle earnings, earnings from releasing toys
Page 9: Used money
Amount of P used, P used on random move vending machine, P used on designated move vending machine, P thrown away by Fling
Page 10: Battle Royale
A record of all your Battle Royale in-game (basically just the victory screen of each challenge, listing difficulty, type, price... etc)
Page 11: Team Battle
A record of all your Team Battles in-game
Page 12:
List out the top 99 species of Pokemon most-knocked-out by you
Page 13:
Lists out the Pokemon unlocked by number of friends / Street Pass