#025 Pikachu

Location: Pallet Town

The only Pikachu you'll find in the game, this Electric-type cannot be evolved in Yellow and follows you around, similar to Ash's Pikachu on the television show. Unique to this Pikachu is the fact that it has emotions, which can be checked by talking to it. This Pikachu gets Thunderbolt at level 25 as well. To see Pikachu's emotions and what affects them, click here.

Level 5

In Pokemon Yellow, a very simple happiness system is in place for Pikachu. Although the only real thing this changes in game is whether or not you get Bulbasaur, it is still a fun mechanic to play around with and adds a bit more depth to the game. Pikachu's happiness can be checked at any time by looking behind you and talking to it. To obtain the Bulbasaur, Pikachu must have above 146 in happiness.


Method Increase
Happiness Level 0-99 100-199 200-255
Use of an item+5+3+2
Level Up+5+3+2
Use in battle against a Gym Leader+3+2+1
Place in the box-3-3-5
Faints in battle-1-1-1


Image Effect
At zero happiness, Pikachu will turn its back on you in disgust
Pikachu's ear will flicker and it will be angry with you at low happiness.
Pikachu will look content at moderate happiness.
Pikachu will look content at above average happiness.
Pikachu will have a heart floating around him at high happiness.
Pikachu will have a heart floating around him at near max happiness.
Pikachu will have six hearts flying around him at max happiness.

Other Emotions
Sometimes Pikachu will behave in ways other than how his happiness level dictates. There are a few ways to "unlock" these special emotions:

Image Effect
When Pikachu encounters the transformed Bill at the Sea Cottage, it will be confused.
Pikachu will be sad when it's low on HP.
If Pikachu hears Jigglypuff's song in Pewter Pokemon Center OR is asleep outside of battle, it will appear drowsy.
If Pikachu is poisoned or burnt in battle, it will shudder as you are walking.
 Pikachu will disappear from behind you if he is fainted or in the PC.
Pikachu puts a bucket on his head when fishing.
Pikachu is scared when in the Pokémon Tower.
Pikachu will fall in love with the Clefairy in the Pokemon Fan Club..
Pikachu will be surprised