Game Boy

Launch Dates
Japan: April 21st 1989
US: July 31st 1989
Europe: September 28th 1990
Max Resolution: 160x144

The Game Boy was Nintendo's first dedicated portable console with the ability to play multiple games through cartridge. Conceptualised by Gunpei Yokoi and Satoru Okada, it featured a standard dot matrix screen and featured just a single colour. Its first interaction with the Pokémon series was with the first Pokémon games, Pokémon Red & Green, which acted as a rebirth for the console. It was discontinued in 2003.

List of Pokémon Games Developed for Game Boy

GameDeveloperFirst Release
Pokémon Red / BlueGAME FREAKFebruary 27th 1996
Pokémon YellowGAME FREAKSeptember 12th 1998

List of Model Revisions for the Game Boy

Game Boy Pocket

Launch Dates
Japan: July 21 1996
US: September 3rd 1998

The Game Boy Pocket, released in 1996 following the launch of Pokémon and featured a black & white screen and a smaller & sleeker design.

Game Boy Light

Launch Dates
Japan: April 14th 1998

The Game Boy Light was only available in Japan, released in 1998, and was essentially a Game Boy Pocket but included a backlit screen

Super Game Boy

Launch Dates
Japan: June 1994
US: 1994
Europe: 1994

The Super Game Boy was a cartridge adaptation of the Game Boy to allow for the games to be made playable full screen on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This added various colour palettes and many games had special borders featuring the game artwork around. A Super Game Boy 2 was released in Japan which allowed for you to use a Link Cable with players on other Game Boy devices

List of Pokémon Special Edition Game Boy Consoles

Pokémon GameBoy Light

Jp Release Date: July 21st 1998
Price: 6800¥
Model: GameBoy Light
Pack-in Game: None

This special GameBoy Light was released in Japan to tie in with the release of the first Pokémon movie. It was released within the Pokémon Center in Tokyo and features a yellow colour with a Pikachu to the side of the screen. The consoles on-light matches its location with Pikachu's cheek and it came with a special carry bag