Name Type PP Att. Acc. Effect
Fury Cutter 20 10 95 A BUG-type attack that grows more powerful with every hit. Returns to normal if it misses.
Leech Life 15 20 100 An HP-draining attack. It adds half the HP it drained from the target to the attacker's HP.
Megahorn 10 120 85 A BUG-type attack that uses a stiff horn or horns. It is rarely learned.
Pin Missile 20 14 85 An attack that fires many needle-like projectiles from the body. Strikes several times.
Spider Web 10 -- 100 Sticky strings that prevent the target from escaping until the attacking Pokémon is gone.
String Shot 40 -- 95 Strings are sprayed out and wrapped around the target to reduce its SPEED.
Twineedle 20 25 100 An attack that strikes twice. The target may occasionally become poisoned.