Name Type PP Att. Acc. Effect
Bone Club 20 65 85 A physical attack using a bone as a club. If it connects, it may cause the target to flinch.
Bone Rush 10 25 80 A GROUND-type attack. The attacker uses a bone to club the foe two to five times.
Bonemerang 10 50 90 A boomerang made of bone is thrown to inflict damage twice, on the way out and on return.
Dig 10 60 100 The attacker digs underground in the first turn, then pops up in the next turn to attack.
Earthquake 10 100 100 An attack that inflicts damage by shaking the ground. Useless against the FLYING type.
Fissure 5 -- 30 Causes a single-hit knockout if it hits. Useless against FLYING-type Pokémon.
Magnitude 30 -- 100 A GROUND-type attack. The power of the attack will vary each time it is used.
Mud-Slap 10 20 100 An attack that fires dirt, inflicting damage and reducing the target's accuracy.
Sand-Attack 15 -- 100 An attack in which sand is used to blind the target and reduce its attack accuracy.
Spikes 20 -- 100 An attack that scatters SPIKES and injures opponent Pokémon when they switch.