Name Type PP Att. Acc. Effect
Counter 20 -- 100 A retaliation move that pays back double the damage of a physical attack. Very accurate.
Cross Chop 5 100 80 A FIGHTING-type attack. It is powerful and often lands a critical hit.
Detect 5 -- 100 Allows user to completely evade attack. If used consecutively, its success rate decreases.
Double Kick 30 30 100 A FIGHTING-type attack. As the name implies, it is actually two quick kicks in succession.
DynamicPunch 5 100 50 A FIGHTING-type attack. Inaccurate but guaranteed to confuse the opponent if it hits.
Hi Jump Kick 20 85 90 Stronger than JUMP KICK. If it misses, the attacker takes 1/8 the damage it would've caused.
Jump Kick 25 70 95 A forceful FIGHTING-type attack. If it misses, however, the attacker gets hurt.
Karate Chop 25 50 100 A FIGHTING-type attack. Often turns into a critical hit and inflicts double the damage.
Low Kick 20 50 90 A FIGHTING-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of making the target flinch if it hits.
Mach Punch 30 40 100 An incredibly fast punch that always lands first.
Reversal 15 -- 100 An attack that increases in power if the user's HP is low. It could turn the tide in battle.
Rock Smash 15 20 100 A FIGHTING-type attack. In the field, it can be used to shatter rocks to open new paths.
Rolling Kick 15 60 85 A sharp FIGHTING-type attack. Has a one-in-three shot at making the target flinch.
Seismic Toss 20 -- 100 A FIGHTING-type attack. Throws the target with enough force to flip the world.
Submission 25 80 80 Strongest FIGHTING attack. One quarter of the damage also hurts the attacker.
Triple Kick 10 10 90 A three-kick attack that inflicts increasing damage. When one kick misses, the move ends.
Vital Throw 10 70 100 A FIGHTING-type attack. Always comes after the target's attack but never misses.