In previous Pokémon games, the background music only changed when you moved to different areas. Pokémon Black & White, however, implement a variety of changes in various different circumstances. These change from the pitch of the music to the instruments used and more. This page will detail all the changes as well as what they implement and how.

Seasonal Changes

As the seasons change every month, almost all areas have slight changes brought on by the change in seasons. They start off with the basics in Spring but get additional features during certain months. Most notably is a chime in Winter in most areas. Below is a table of changes to the music in each area based upon the seasons;

Area RangeSpringSummerAutumnWinter
Route 2 to Skyarrow BridgeFluteLouder arrangementPiano AdditionChimes in Intro
Route 4 onwardsBasicLouder ArrangementXylophone AdditionChimes
Route 12 onwardsBasicSaxophone addedPiano AdditionChimes
Undella TownQuiet MusicSteel Drums
Tropical Beat
Quiet MusicQuiet Music

Movement-Based Changes

In some areas, the music is a static music style, but does in fact change when you make steps, adding to the beat while you move around the route

AreaMusical AdditionScreenshot
Route 1Tambourine
Routes 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16Snare Drum

Instrument Additions

In a variety of places around Unova, there are various characters playing musical instruments. These characters add their instruments to the music of the area. Some are only active while you're within earshot while others are active non stop after you talk to them.

AreaInstrument AdditionDurationScreenshot
Accumula Town - Top Right BuildingPianoAfter talking to the characters - Constant until leaving
Accumula Town - Top Right BuildingDrumsAfter talking to the characters - Constant until leaving
Nacrene City - Café WarehouseAccordionAfter talking to the characters - When within earshot
Icirrus City - By the GymClapsWhen within earshot
Opelucid City - By the Pokémon CentreKeytarAfter talking to the characters - When within earshot (Black Only)
Opelucid City - By the Pokémon CentreErhuAfter talking to the characters - When within earshot (White Only)
Village Bridge - Top Left by Vending MachineGuitarAfter speaking to Aickman
Village Bridge - Bottom by bridgeVocalsAfter speaking to Koontz
Village Bridge - On the bridgeVoice PercussionAfter speaking to Russo
Village Bridge - In the top-right fieldWhistleAfter speaking to Derleth
Anville Town - On BridgeFluteAfter talking to the characters - When within earshot

Cave Changes

Next, there are changes in the various caves such as Chargestone Cave and Twist Mountain. As you get into the lower levels of the caves, the music will slow and the notes will get lower to help signify how far you are from the first floor. This isn't noticiable when on your bike and some caves such as Victory Road do not have this feature.

GameFreak Change

The final change is a complete drastic change, in the GameFREAK building in Castelia City, when you speak to the man on the left, as seen in the screenshot, he will completely change the music from Castelia City's music to the Team Rocket takeover music from HeartGold & SoulSilver for the time you are in that room.