Like the Generation IV games, Pokémon Black & White allow you to transfer Pokémon from the last generation games to the new ones. Previously, we thought that this was only done through the PokéTransfer, but there is another way, albeit a very limited way.

Method of Obtaining

In the lefthand building in the northern road of Castelia City heading to Route 4, you will find a man similar to Primo in Violet City and a variety of other characters throughout the history of the games, who will give you the ability to give him a phrase. This phrase, like the phrases in the past, unlocks a new feature. However, unlike Mystery Gift, this one will unlock the Relocator. The words are as follows;


This will then unlock the feature on the main menu. This feature will be available as soon as you reach Castelia City.


To use the Relocator, you need two DS systems, the model of which is irrelevant. The DS with Pokémon Black & White will send out a DS Download Play program over wireless. Access this over the DS Download Play option in the DS's main menu for the DS holding Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold & SoulSilver. This will load up the system.

This system does not transfer just any Pokémon but will allow you to select certain event Pokémon and send them over to Pokémon Black & White. For transferring of your own Pokémon, you will need to utilise the PokéTransfer after the main game is complete.

Pokémon & Items Transferrable

The Pokémon you can transfer aren't just any Pokémon of a specific species but rather specific event Pokémon that have been given away. The Pokémon that you have the ability to transfer are as follows;

RaikouEnteiSuicuneCelebiLock Capsule

Raikou, Entei, Suicune Unlock - Zoroark

When you transfer Raikou, Entei or Suicune from your games to Black & White, you will be able to get access to the Lostlorn Forest area. This area will feature a character who mentions a Pokémon that has been known to create illusions. You will find a Pokémon matching one of the beasts that you didn't transfer over. If you send over Raikou, you will see Entei. Send over Entei and you'll see Suicune and send over Suicune and you'll see Raikou. When you attack, you'll see that it is in fact a Zoroark. This is the only way you can capture Zoroark.

Level 25
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Capture
Lostlorn Forest. Caught at Lv. 25
Fury Swipes
Faint Attack
Scary Face

This event can only be accessed once

Celebi - Zorua

When you transfer Celebi over from the Generation IV games, you will be able to find two characters in one of Castelia City's buildings; the GameFreak building. When you talk to the character with Celebi in your party, Celebi will pop out of its Pokéball and Zorua will change from its Illusion. The trainer for Zorua will give you it as a gift due to how well they played together. You need a PokeBall of any variety in your bag

Level 10
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Castelia City. Caught at Lv. 10
Fake Tears

This event can only be accessed once

Lock Capsule - TM95

You also have the ability to receive the Lock Capsule through the Relocator. This item, while currently unreleased, can be received through the Relocator from HeartGold/SoulSilver or certain events. Once you receive the Lock Capsule, take it to Mr. Lock in the Northern Road of Castelia City. He'll tell you that the item in the Lock Capsule was locked in there to protect it from Team Rocket. He kindly opens it for you and it contains TM95

No. Move Name Type Kind Att. Acc. PP Effect
TM95 Snarl 55 95 15 It yells at an opponent for a long time and lowers their Special Attack.

This event can only be accessed once