Pokémon Box

In Pokémon Black & White, as usual, you get a number of storage boxes within which you can store a variety of Pokémon through the PC in Pokémon Centres, the Battle Subway and various other areas. In Black & White, you start out with a simple system containing 8 boxes. Each box can store 30 Pokémon allowing for up to 240 Pokémon to be stored within. However, this is by no means enough to store all the Pokémon around.

This system can be enhanced by simply putting a Pokémon in each of the boxes. Once you have at least one Pokémon in each of the 8 boxes, when you next access the PC, you will suddenly have a further 8 boxes bringing the total up to 16 so you can store 480 Pokémon. To increase it once again, place a Pokémon in each of these boxes and you'll get the final upgrade up to 24 boxes capable of holding 720 Pokémon. This allows you to store at least one of each Pokémon with plenty of room for extras.

Pokémon Box - Battle Box

A new feature within the Pokémon Boxes is the new Battle Box. The Battle Box allows you to store 6 Pokémon seperate from the Box and your party. This team can then be utilised during the various multiplayer features such as the Battle Tournement mode from the main menu which allows you to connect via WiFi or Wireless to battle people in tournements immediately without the need to go through the game and go to the Union Room or WiFi room.

Pokémon Box - Customisation

Like the past games, you have the ability to customise the name and background of the box to your will. There are numerous extra backgrounds for you to use and some are even unlockable later through the Pokémon Global Link. In addition to this, you can rename the boxes at will to whatever you please. This will allow you to make boxes and categorise them in whatever manner you do so wish.