Downloadable Content

One of the features of the Global Link allows for various bits of content to be added to the games. This content is all stored within your Pokémon Global Link accunt. There are three different types of possible downloads. These are all superficial and cannot be changed within the game themselves. Instead, they are accessed and set within the Pokémon Global Link website. here, you can select which one of the possible features you wish. With this, you can change the background of the C-Gear, the Pokédex and you can get an entire Musical Repertoire.

When you have selected them, click save and your settings will be saved, and when you next sync up with the Global Link, your C Gear and Pokédex will be updated with the images you have selected

The Downloads

Some of the content you get is accessible always while others require you to have participated in certain aspects on the Daisuki Club site or the Global Link and many will require you to put in a specific password given to you after you have participated in an event or purchased a bit of merchandise. The content is as follows

Name Method Distribution time
Munna's Flower Garden Access Global Link No Limit
Aim for the top! Pikachu C-Gear Pattern Participate in poll to select Dream World Pokémon October 4th 2010 - January 31st 2010
Chillarmy C-Gear Pattern Unknown October 8th 2010 - January 31st 2010
Starter Friends Access Global Link No Limit
Pokémon Musical
Attract ★ Munna Access Global Link No Limit