A Nosepass to Guide the Way

Unlock Criteria: Find a Nosepass

Description: You've taken on a request that has something to do with an old saying about Nosepass. Speak with Gully of the Supply Corps to find out more.
There's an old saying that “A Nosepass never wanders.” Gully of the Supply Corps therefore asks for a Nosepass to keep her from getting lost in Wayward Cave.

Gully wants to go through Wayward Cave and thinks having a Nosepass will help her through it. She asks for you to give her a Nosepass. Give one to her and she'll make it through the cave

A Nosepass to Guide the Way


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Black Augurite Black Augurite 1
Exp. Candy M Exp. Candy M 2