Research Tasks

Research Task details

In this game, you add information to your Pokédex by catching them, but there's more to it than just the catch. For each Pokémon, there are specific Research tasks that you can complete in your expeditions. These will help you rank up as a team member

These tasks range from catching Pokémon, defeating them, defeating them with certain moves, using their moves and more

Catching Pokémon

List of different Research Tasks

Below are the Research Tasks available. Click to see which Pokémon will have the Research Task and the amount you need to do them.

Number caught
Times you have seen it use moves
Number of you've defeated with Specific-type moves
Number defeated
Number you've evolved
Number of alpha specimens caught
Number of large specimens caught
Number of small specimens caught
Number of heavy specimens caught
Number of light specimens caught
Number caught in the evening
Number caught at night
Number caught during daylight hours
Number you've caught while they were sleeping
Number you've caught while they were in the air
Number you've caught without being spotted
Times you've given it food
Times you've stunned it by using items
Times you've scared it off with a Scatter Bang
Times you've seen it use a strong style move
Times you've seen it use an agile style move
Number you've seen leap out of trees
Number you've seen leap out of ore deposits
Number of different forms you've obtained
Received a part of Arceus
Special Tasks