Unown is a mysterious Pokémon in general and in this game, when you first return from the Solaceon Ruins, you will get interrupted by an Unown that flies away. Laventon will add the Unown Notes to your Pokédex

The Unown Notes keep track of how many forms of Unown you have collected, and in doing so, provide a clue of where to go for the Unown.

When you find them, you can throw a Poké Ball to catch them. If they break out, you will need to leave the area and return for it to respawn.


More Unown

After you have captured all 28 Unown in the below locations, they will start to spawn in the Solaceon Ruins. This allows for you to get multiple of the Unown and even get Shiny or Alpha variants of them.


List of Unown Locations

Picture Map Form Name Hint Location
Unown A Within the Settlement where time rules Diamond Settlement
Unown B Turn your eyes up at the volcano island Firespit Island
Unown C Look to the ruined pillars of celestica Celestica Ruins
Unown D Among stumps and campfire ashes in fields of gold Golden Lowlands
Unown E A lone tree in a pond in the grove Grueling Grove
Unown F A stony outcrop over pools of mud on a mighty mountain Ancient Quarry
Unown G Atop a waterfall of Obsidian Obsidian Falls
Unown H A village gateway Jubilife Village
Unown I The lake island where emotion resides Lake Verity
Unown J A nook within a quarry Ancient Quarry
Unown K Where stones pile high amid fogbound ruins Shrouded Ruins
Unown L An impasse in a cave adorned by twin falls Wayward Cave
Unown M A tree felled on sludge Sludge Mount
Unown N Two horns rising from the sea Sand's Reach
Unown O Three pillars in a world of ice Ice Column Chamber
Unown P Among flowers at the spring where fairies dwell Fabled Spring
Unown Q Twin trees at the spring by the sea Spring Path
Unown R By the grave upon the cape Veilstone Cape
Unown S Where stick and log dam the river Tidewater Dam
Unown T Gaze down from atop the greates glacial legacy Avalugg's Legacy
Unown U The unusual stone staring out across the snowfields Heart's Crag
Unown V a withered tree in the sprawling red swamp Scarlet Bog
Unown W The left eye atop the village Jubilife Village
Unown X Scale the grandtree Grandtree Arena
Unown Y Scale the frozen falls Icebound Falls
Unown Z A timeworn ship on a sandy shore Deadwood Haunt
Unown ! A dead tree by the hot springs Snowfall Hot Springs
Unown ? Where things hang to dry at living quarters Jubilife Village