Back-Alley Mr. Mime

Unlock Criteria: Complete Bothersome Bidoof and Berry Helpful and catch a Mr. Mime

Description: That villager named Andra wants your help again, this time about a Mr. Mime that's behaving suspiciously.

Andra will ask for you to investigate a Mr. Mime that has taken up residence within the village. However it has created barriers to prevent you from getting through so you need to go behind it, but it will run away. Andra will spot it by Galaxy HQ and you'll need to navigate an invisible maze to get through to it.

It will run away again but can be found near the exit. Go through the invisible maze again and Ress will appear and say that it helps him guide the gate. Andra thanks you for the help

Back-Alley Mr. Mime


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Aux Guard Aux Guard 2