Bothersome Bidoof

Unlock Criteria: After first Alpha

Description: It seems that some mischievous Bidoof have been causing quite a lot of trouble around the village lately. Get the details from Tsumugi of the Security Corps.
Three trouble-making Bidoof have invaded the village! Tsumugi from the Security Corps needs your help to catch them all.

Tsumugi asks for your help to catch three Bidoof that have been invading the village and asks for your help. Put a Bidoof in your team to rally them up. You can find one by a tree in the south west, one by the Ginkgo Guild and the final one in the south east by the pastures.

However as you go to send them on their way, Sanqua decides she could use them in the Construction Corps

Bothersome Bidoof


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Rare Candy Rare Candy 1