Mushroom Hunting with Swinub

Unlock Criteria: Defeat Avalugg and complete Request 33

Description: Morel from the village is at Heart's Crag in the Alabaster Icelands, and he seems to have a request for you concerning a special skill of Swinub's.

Morel is now in Alabaster Icelands and is looking for mushrooms. Put a Swinub in your party then hunt down the three mushrooms in the area. The first is found without an issue but the second has a wild Snover block it. Morel will be happy with the situation and think maybe he needs to partner with a Swinub

Mushroom Hunting with Swinub


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Sand Radish Sand Radish 5
Exp. Candy L Exp. Candy L 1