The Clefairy's Moonlit Dance

Unlock Criteria: Catch a Clefairy

Description: It seems Astair of the Supply Corps wants you to find out more about Clefairy's behavior.
Astair of the Supply Corps says that Clefairy dance on nights with a full moon where he comes from. Investigate whether they dance here in Hisui.

Astair wonders if the Clefairy in Hisui will dance like they do in his native region. He asks for you to see if they dance. Go to the Fabled Spring in the Coronet Highlands when it's a full moon to see if Clefairy dance. You can accelerate it to a full moon using the rest stop at any base camp. Once you see the dance, they will drop a Moon Stone. Report back to Astair to complete the mission

The Clefairy's Moonlit Dance


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Salt Cake Salt Cake 5
Exp. Candy M Exp. Candy M