The Search for Bitter Leaves

Unlock Criteria: After Kleavor

Description: Shinon wants to make some medicine and asks you to collect the materials needed. Apparently Anise of the Medical Corps can tell you what you need to find.
Anise of the Medical Corps filled you in on what you need to find to make medicine. Seems you can find the materials in the Crimson Mirelands, but...

Shinon will ask for your help to talk to Anise for a Pokémon that has three leaves that can be found within the Crimson Mirelands. What she is looking for is a Petilil. Give her a Petilil and it will help create the medicines they require

The Search for Bitter Leaves


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Fine Remedy Fine Remedy 3
Hopo Berry Hopo Berry 5