Wurmple's Evolved!

Unlock Criteria: Evolve two Wurmple and complete Request 1, and speak to Beauregard to get his Wurmple to evolve

Description: It seems Beauregard of the Security Corps has some questions about the Evolution of that Wurmple you gave him. Go find out more from him.
Beauregard's Wurmple has evolved into a Cascoon, but he can't distinguish it from a Silcoon! Show him an actual Silcoon to help out.

A short time after his Wurmple evolved (by talking to the Wurmple and then catching 10 Pokémon) , he learns from Laventon that the Pokémon he has isn't Silcoon. Dispondant because he thinks it is, he asks for you to go catch and bring him a Silcoon. He insists they're the same until realising and apologising to his Cascoon

Wurmple's Evolved!


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Exp. Candy S Exp. Candy S 1