#151 Mew
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Synchronize Team Rocket
Attacks N/A
Believed to possess the genetic material of all Pokemon, Mew was once captured by Team Rocket to genetically engineer Mewtwo from its eyelashes. It managed to escape afterwards, and remained elusive until Mr. Briney encountered it at the Faraway Island. It then returned briefly to Kanto’s mainland to save the TR Battle Airship from crashing.
# Chapter Notes
001 VS. Mew
017 VS. Jynx
040 VS. Charizard
294 The Mirage is at Faraway!
295 Final Shot!
301 Red The Battler
302 The Holder's Link
336 The Final Battle IX Imagination
006 VS Mega Metagross Imagination

Transformations, Illusions and Others

Blue's Ditto transformed into Mew at Celedon City
# Chapter Notes
017 VS. Jynx

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