#150 Mewtwo
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Pressure (Steadfast/Insomnia) Team Rocket, Blaine, Yellow, Red
Attacks Barrier, Confusion, Psychic, Psystrike, Psywave
When Blaine was still working under Team Rocket, he artificially engineered Mewtwo from the genetic material in Mew’s eyelashes together with his own cells. After Mewtwo broke away from the lab, their cellular connection allowed Blaine to track it down, and captured it with Red’s help. Mewtwo fought alongside Yellow during the Cerise Island incident, and was later set free when Entei burnt off the connection it shared with Blaine. It returned during the Sevii Island incident, and worked together with Red, Green and Blue to stop Team Rocket’s evil scheme on Deoxys. It fought Deoxys on the TR Battle Airship and gained victory marginally. After the Dex Holders were petrified by the clash between its power and Darkrai’s, it chased after Sird all the way to Sinnoh. Afterwards, it ended up in Kalos, where it became the protector of the Pokemon Village. It also gained the ability to Mega Evolve after reuniting with Blaine.
# Chapter Notes
016 VS. Tauros
017 VS. Jynx Flashback
020 VS. Vileplume Flashback
026 VS. Moltres Flashback
034 VS. Mewtwo (Part 1)
035 VS. Mewtwo (Part 2)
047 VS. Persian
064 VS. Arcanine
079 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 1)
080 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 2)
081 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 3)
082 VS. Raticate
162 VS. Hitmontop
167 The Last Battle I Flashback
283 The Reason To Fight
284 Mewtwo Joins The Battle
285 The Tower With A Mind
286 The Deoxys Clone Army Attacks
287 Hometown Viridian City
288 Cracking the Restrainer
289 Viridian At The Bottom Of The Heart
290 Midair Battle Stadium
291 Combat at the Summit
292 Father's Name is Giovanni!
293 The Deceiving Aurora!
294 The Mirage is at Faraway!
295 Final Shot!
296 Deoxys's Roots
297 The Rebelling Carr
298 The Getaway Blackhole
299 An Innate Calling
300 A Father's Soul
301 Red The Battler
302 The Holder's Link
039 VS Greninja
042 VS Mega Mewtwo Y
043 VS Mega Mewtwo X
044 VS Zygarde I
045 VS Zygarde II

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