#0152 Chikorita
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Prof. Elm/Crystal's Chikorita
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Megaree Overgrow
Attacks Razor Leaf, Tackle
After Prof. Oak recruited Crystal as his Pokedex Holder, Prof. Elm wanted Crystal to take this Chikorita as a partner on her journey. Crystal declined at the beginning since she had a full team, but Chikorita ran away from the lab and convinced Crystal itself to accept it. After seeing its determination, Crystal recruited it into her team. It evolved into a Bayleef while fighting a wild Larvitar on Mt. Mortar.
# Chapter Notes
091 VS. Murkrow
093 VS. Sneasel
095 VS. Stantler Flashback
096 VS. Donphan
098 VS. Totodile Flashback
111 VS. Tyranitar Flashback
118 VS. Chikorita
119 VS. Flaaffy
121 VS. Corsola
122 VS. Qwilfish
126 VS. Jumpluff
130 VS. Suicune (Part 1)
132 VS. Suicune (Part 3)
133 VS. Azumarill
135 VS. Larvitar
147 VS. Lugia (Part 2) Flashback
331 The Final Battle IV Flashback

Imaginatory Pokémon

In the explanation of the Pokeathlon events
# Chapter Notes
442 VS Oddish

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