#491 Darkrai
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Bad Dreams Sird, Senior Team Galactic Grunt, Charon
Attacks Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Hypnosis
Sird gained possession of Darkrai and attempted to use its powers to capture Deoxys at Vermillion City. However, its power clash with Mewtwo turned several Kanto Pokedex Holders into stone. Later, it was passed on to the Senior Team Galactic Grunt in Sinnoh, whom Sird implanted her wills into. Sird eventually left it inside the Distortion World because it was too difficult to handle, and Charon temporarily controlled it with his special device. It was finally set free to find a place where it could stay.
# Chapter Notes
302 The Holder's Link No physical appearance
414 VS Dialga & Palkia IV Flashback
430 VS Rotom Imagination
437 Alternate Dimension Battle VII
438 Alternate Dimension Battle VIII
439 Alternate Dimension Battle IX
440 Alternate Dimension Battle X
441 Alternate Dimension Battle XI

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