#0800 Necrozma
Gen IX DexGen VIII DexGen VII Dex

Picture Name Numbers Type
Necrozma Artwork
Necrozma Dusk Mane Dawn Wings
English: Necrozma
Japan: Necrozma
French: Necrozma
German: Necrozma
Korean: 네크로즈마
National : #0800
Alola (SM): #300
Alola (USUM): #400
Dusk ManePsychic-type Steel-type
Dawn WingsPsychic-type Ghost-type
Classification Height Weight
Prism Pokémon 7'10" / 12'06" / 13'09"
2.4m / 3.8m / 4.2m
507.1lbs / 1014.1lbs / 771.6lbs
230kg / 460kg / 350kg
Evolutionary Chain
NecrozmaMega Necrozma
Alternate Forms
NecrozmaDusk ManeDawn Wings
NecrozmaDusk ManeDawn Wings
 N-Solarizer#791 Solgaleo
#791 Solgaleo
N-Lunarizer#792 Lunala
#792 Lunala
Necrozma has multiple different forms. Two of its forms require use of the special N Solarizer/Lunarizer items as well as Solgaleo & Lunala while its Ultra form can only become it by using those forms and having the Ultranecrozium Z attached
Ultra Burst - Ultra Necrozma
Picture Type Height Weight
Mega Necrozma Artwork 0'00"

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