Tumblecube Island

In this game, the Pokémon are on Tumblecube Island, a small island made of cubes that house various Pokémon and various rewards. Within the area is a dozen smaller areas where wild Pokémon live.

Each world has got a specific Type Bonus. This bonus increases the damage your Pokémon of those types inflict and lower the damage they receive, essentially increasing your Team Strength.

Location Listings

PicNameAreasType BonusIngredient Ratio
First Steppe 4 Fighting
Gloomy Grove 5 Fire
Backforth Brook 5 Grass
Parched Peak 5 Flying
Belly Button Cave 5 Water
Pincushion Plain 5 Bug
Miasma Moor 6 Rock
Hushed Highlands 6 Ground
Nightlight Nook 6 Psychic
Farside Fjord 6 Electric
Chamber of Legends 1 None
Happenstance Island 9 None