Pokémon Adventure

After Pokémon Quest was released in the west, it eventually got a different port announced for the Chinese audience under the name Pokémon Adventure and with this comes a lot of changes to the game in the form of new features under the name

Player VS Player

The main new feature of the game is the Player VS Player mode. In this mode, you have the capability of building your own arena and have another player come in and try to defeat you in the area. Battles last 3 minutes and both players bring 3 Pokémon into the bout. The player that knocks out the other team first is the winner

Player VS Player


Now on the map, you may find several strong Pokémon. You can fight these Pokémon as Pokémon bosses to get some new rewards and stronger Power Stones


Player Customisation

In this version of the game, you have the ability of creating your own player character. With this, you can then customise them with various outfits based around various Pokémon, styles and more.


Special Training

In the original version, you were stuck with a move the Pokémon had when it came. In the new version of the game, you now have the ability to utilise various different items to teach new moves to the Pokémon in addition to the standard means of powering them up.

Using a new item, you can also shore up the power of the various Power Stones you have in order to get your Pokémon's strength even higher.

Finally there are more items and ingredients that can be used to increase the Health and Attack stat of your Pokémon

Special Training

In-Depth Details

In this version of the game, you now also have the ability to check the best recipes to get the various Pokémon as well as all the moves that they can have within the Pokédex.

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