Power Stones

When you receive your Pokémon, you can level them up much like the main games. However, there are ways to augment them. Each Pokémon has got a special area, known as Power Charms where you can attach Power Stones. There are 9 different sockets for a Pokémon and it changes with each different Pokémon, even of the same species. Certain slots only allow for certain attributes as well.

As you level your Pokémon up, more slots will open up. To utilise them, you can access Power Stones. There are two different kinds of stones to put in. The red ones increase your Pokémon's Attack while the blue ones increase the Pokémon's Hit Points. Each Power Stone has got its own unique value which increases the stat of the Pokémon.

In addition to that, you can also get bronze, silver and gold Power Stones of each type. These each have an different special ability with the percentage varying between stones.

  • Critical Hit Rate (%) - Increases the chances you'll land a Critical Hit
  • Critical Hit Damage (%) - Increases the damage you'll inflict with a Critical Hit
  • Natural Healing (%) - Increases the health your Pokémon naturally recovers
  • Hit Healing (%) - Increases the health regained through attacks
  • Healing from K.O. (%) - Increases health after the Pokémon lands a KO
  • Time to Recover (%) - Speeds up the time it takes for the Pokémon to recover after being knocked out
  • HP upon Recovery (%) - Increases the health regained after being knocked out
  • Resistant to Effects (%) - Increases resistance to certain effects
  • Resistant to Status Conditions (%) - Increases resistance to status conditions
  • Movement Speed (%) - Increases the Pokémon's speed

Every 10 levels you successfully complete, you'll get an Expedition Bonus. This means that when you complete the next level, you're guaranteed to get a gold Power Stone.

Bingo Bonus

Bingo Bonus is a feature that happens when you get a line full of Power Stones on a Pokémon. Each time you get a horizontal or vertical line filled, you will get a Bingo Bonus. The Bingo Bonus is unique to each Pokémon and cannot be changed. You can only get three Bingo Bonus on a Pokémon.

The Battle Bonuses include various different effects including Resistance to Status Conditions, healing effects, Critical Hit chances and increase in Attack or Hit Points.

Move Stones

There is also another kind of Power Stone available, the Move Stone. For some Pokémon, moves can have from 1 up to 3 different Move Stone sockets. These sockets allow for you to attach the Move Stones in order to get a special bonus. However, you can't just put any Move Stone into any slot. The slots have got 6 different icons and within that, if a certain colour is lit up, it allows you to use the Move Stone.

Move Stones can be found rarely while going through the stages, or can be purchased off the Nintendo Switch eShop

Move Stones

PictureNameDescriptionSocket Colour
Broadburst StoneIncreases width of spread moves by 1Purple
Scattershot StoneIncreases amount of hits from a move but decreases damagePink
Sharing StoneIncreases effect chance for buddy PokémonBlue
Stay Strong StoneIncreases duration of move effectsGreen
Wait Less StoneDecreases time required for a move to rechargeYellow
Whack-Whack StoneAdds an extra attack of the Pokémon but increases wait time by 50%Orange
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