Battle Royale

The Battle Royale is a returning feature from all Pokémon Rumble games. In this game, you get sent against three other players in order to earn various points. There is a difference to how this runs. Despite it being player versus everyone, the other players are computer controlled based on teams created by other players.

You can play 3 times a day for free, but if you wish to continue onwards you can pay 100 Diamonds per play in order to continue.

There are special cups that will run during the other events which give various different bonuses and give increase stats to specific Pokémon types

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When you go to participate, you have the ability to select various tiers. These tiers bring higher CP Pokémon into the fold with various different Pokémon, all pulled from different players. Each tier has its own rewards. When you win, you get a specific amount of points including a bonus if you use the Pokémon of the specified type

Rank Points Per Win Points For Entry Points Per KO
Poké Ball Tier: E2006040
Poké Ball Tier: D3009060
Poké Ball Tier: C40015080
Poké Ball Tier: B500150100
Poké Ball Tier: A600180120
Great Ball Tier: C100300200
Great Ball Tier: B1400400280
Great Ball Tier: A1800500360
Ultra Ball Tier: C2500700500
Ultra Ball Tier: B3000900600
Ultra Ball Tier: A35001100700
Master Ball600015002000
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Swap Shop

The Swap Shop allows for you to exchange points earned for various items. These include Upgrade Kits for various Gear, and special Poké Glam which you can decorate your Pokémon with.

You can also get a special title if you reach a certain number of points.

The Swap Shop rotates the contents with each cup.

Battle Royale Image

List of all Battle Royale Cups

Cup Name Duration
Arceus Cup July 15th 2020 - July 22nd 2020
Lunala Cup July 8th 2020 - July 15th 2020
Pheromosa Cup July 1st 2020 - July 8th 2020
Diancie Cup June 24th 2020 - July 1st 2020
Zekrom Cup June 17th 2020 - June 24th 2020
Cobalion Cup June 10th 2020 - June 17th 2020
Zygarde Cup May 13th 2020 - May 27th 2020
Shaymin Cup April 22nd 2020 - May 6th 2020
Kyogre Cup April 1st 2020 - April 15th 2020
Mewtwo Cup March 11th 2020 - March 25th 2020
Torchic Cup March 4th 2020 - March 11th 2020