Ore & Refining Ore

Ore is an element obtained on occassion when you defeat the boss of a stage. This ore can be refined into a variety of different styles and the contents vary. The Ore is a way to get Gears in order to power up Pokémon to the best they can be

Each stage has got its own Pokémon focus and, as each Pokémon has a type, it gets an Ore focus as well. This means that levels focusing on a Water-type Pokémon would have a Water-type ore focus, allowing for farming of certain levels in an attempt to get the gears you desire. These also have an increase in yields as you rank up the island

The three different ore have a different length of time to refine and you can only refine one ore at a time. This can however be added to if you buy the Refining Pack on the Shop, giving you a second slot to refine ore in. You can also pay Poké Diamonds to completely refine the ore or use a ticket to remove an hour from the counter.

If you have all three ore slots filled and get more ore, you get given a choice of dismissing the new ore, using Poké Diamonds to clear a space, or dismissing an ore you have in one of the slots that isn't getting refined. This final option can only be done 10 times a day.

Ore Picture

Ore Types

PictureNameTime to RefineOptional Cost to refine at beginningContentsRarities
Ore SpriteOre30 Minutes15 Poké Diamonds0-1 Summon Gear
1-2 Power Gear
500 Coins
Focused Type Power Gear*20-40 (49.19% Chance)
Other Type Power Gears *1-10 (8.159% Chance)
Other Power Gears (3.39%)
Summon Gears (39% Chance)
Event Rare Summon Gears (10.4%)
Event Super Rare Summon Gears (0.6%)
Unusual Ore SpriteUnusual Ore3 Hours90 Poké Diamonds1 Summon Gear
24 Power Gears
2,500 Coins
Rare Ore SpriteRare Ore10 Hours300 Poké Diamonds4 Summon Gear
90 Power Gears
7,500 Coins

Ore Gear Yields

Area LevelOreUnusual OreRare Ore
Summon GearPower GearSummon GearPower GearSummon GearPower Gear
Rank 10-110-112244
Rank 20-110-112244
Rank 30-110-112244
Rank 40-110-112244
Rank 50-110-112244
Rank 60-110-112246
Rank 70-110-113248
Rank 80-110-113250
Rank 90-110-114252
Rank 100-110-115255
Rank 110-110-115257
Rank 120-110-116259
Rank 130-110-116261
Rank 140-110-117263
Rank 150-110-118366
Rank 160-110-118368
Rank 170-110-119370
Rank 180-110-119372
Rank 190-110-120374
Rank 200-110-121377
Rank 210-110-121379
Rank 220-110-122381
Rank 230-110-122383
Rank 240-110-123385
Rank 250-12124488
Rank 260-12124490