The game has got a ranking system. As you collect more Pokémon in the game, you will occassionally rank up. Ranking up doesn't alter much but does give you a lot more storage space. The rank will go up continually and will help boost up your storage for Pokémon and Power Gears


Ranks & Rewards

RankTotal EXP RequiredPokémon Storage Gear Storage Summon Storage
Rank 22011010050
Rank 35011011050
Rank 410012011050
Rank 515012012050
Rank 620013012050
Rank 727013013050
Rank 841014013050
Rank 958014014050
Rank 10800150140100
Rank 111100150150100
Rank 121400160150100
Rank 131800160160100
Rank 142200170160100
Rank 152700170170100
Rank 163300180170100
Rank 173900180180100
Rank 184700190180100
Rank 195500190190100
Rank 206400200190150
Rank 217400200200150
Rank 228500210200150
Rank 239700210210150
Rank 2411000220210150
Rank 2513000220220150
Rank 2614000230220150
Rank 2716000230230150
Rank 2818000240230150
Rank 2920000240240150
Rank 3022000250240200
Rank 3124000250250200
Rank 3226000260250200
Rank 3329000260260200
Rank 3431000270260200
Rank 3534000270270200
Rank 3637000280270200
Rank 3741000280280200
Rank 3844000290280200
Rank 3947000290290200
Rank 4051000300290250
Rank 4155000300300250
Rank 4259000310300250
Rank 4364000310310250
Rank 4468000320310250
Rank 4573000320320250
Rank 4678000330320250
Rank 4783000330330250
Rank 4888000340330250
Rank 4994000340340250
Rank 50100000350340300

Island Ranks

There's also some island ranks. After you defeat each Super Boss on an island, your Island Rank increases. This alters a variety of things

First it alters the available CP of the Pokémon you will find in the wild. It increases both the bottom and top capabilities, but you can receive Pokémon above the maximum CP if it's a 5-Star Move Pokémon

Secondly, it also affects the Ore you collect in stages. As your rank increases, the Ore will provide more Gears upon refining.

Ore Ranks