In the main area of the game, before you go off on your adventure, you have the ability to access Tournaments. The Tournaments are a Super Boss Rush where you are set against multiple Super Bosses within a time limit. If you success, you will get a reward and go to the next round.

You can only participate in 1 Tournament attempt a day, having to wait in order to try again if you lost or move to the next round.

In Version 1.2, this turned into Coin Rush Mode.

Tournament Image

List of Tournaments

Version Round Target CP Time Reward Bosses

Version 1.2

Trainee 300 CP 60 Seconds 500 Coins Psyduck Sprite Starmie Sprite
Great Trainee 1100 CP 60 Seconds 1000 Coins Victreebel Sprite Tangela Sprite Vileplume Sprite
Ultra Trainee 1600 CP 60 Seconds 2000 Coins Persian Sprite Nidoqueen Sprite Rhydon Sprite
Premier Trainee 2100 CP 60 Seconds 5000 Coins Pidgeot Sprite Gyarados Sprite Charizard Sprite
Employee 2500 CP 10000 Coins Magnemite Sprite Steelix Sprite Ampharos Sprite
Great Employee 2900 CP 15000 Coins Sneasel Sprite Crobat Sprite Feraligatr Sprite
Ultra Employee 3300 CP 20000 Coins Umbreon Sprite Gengar Sprite Houndoom Sprite
Premiere Employee 3700 CP 30000 Coins Gyarados Sprite Aerodactyl Sprite Dragonite Sprite
Manager 4100 CP 50000 Coins Delcatty Sprite Roselia Sprite Gardevoir Sprite
Great Manager 4500 CP 60000 Coins Mightyena Sprite Camerupt Sprite Sharpedo Sprite
Ultra Manager 5000 CP 70000 Coins Tyrantrum Sprite Altaria Sprite Salamence Sprite
Premier Manager 5500 CP 80000 Coins Skarmory Sprite Cradily Sprite Metagross Sprite
Executive 6000 CP 100000 Coins Staravia Sprite Roserade Sprite Empoleon Sprite
Great Executive 6500 CP 120000 Coins Honchkrow Sprite Crobat Sprite Weavile Sprite
Ultra Executive 7000 CP 140000 Coins Milotic Sprite Dragonite Sprite Rhyperior Sprite
Premier Executive 7500 CP 160000 Coins Spiritomb Sprite Lucario Sprite Garchomp Sprite
President 8000 CP 200000 Coins Musharna Sprite Mienshao Sprite Emboar Sprite
Great President 9000 CP 300000 Coins Cofagrigus Sprite Bisharp Sprite Hydreigon Sprite
Premier President 9500 CP 350000 Coins Accelgor Sprite Escavalier Sprite Volcarona Sprite

Version 1.0

Prelims First Round 300 CP 60 Seconds 1,000 Coins Psyduck Sprite Starmie Sprite
Prelims Finals 800 CP 90 Seconds 10,000 Coins Hitmonlee Sprite Onix Sprite Machamp Sprite
Normal Class 1900 CP 90 Seconds 15,000 Coins Weezing Sprite Marowak Sprite Gengar Sprite
Great Class 3000 CP 90 Seconds 20,000 Seadra Sprite Charizard Sprite Dragonite Sprite