Shop, Microtransactions & Poké Diamonds

As with many Pokémon games, there is a shop in the game. These let you purchase Poké Diamonds and various effects, however they aren't the only currency in the game.

Coins & Tickets

The two elements of currency which you cannot purchase within the game: Coins and Rapid Refine Tickets

Coins are the general currency in the game. When you defeat Pokémon in the wild, you will get coins which are then collected after you beat the boss of the stage. These can also be obtained by opening Ore.
-Ore gives 250 Coins
-Unusual Ore gives 2,500 Coins
-Rare Ore gives 7,500 Coins

There are also Refinement Tickets. These tickets decrease the time it takes to refine the Ore by 60 minutes.


Poké Diamonds

Poké Diamonds are the main currency of the game and can be obtained through multiple methods: through completing Challenges or by purchasing them in the shop

Poké Diamonds can be used in order to refine ore instantly. This is done at a factor of 30 PokéDiamonds for every hour.

Poké Diamonds

Purchaseable Bundles

Starter SetOne time purchase, gives you 400 PokéDiamonds, a Refining Ore slot for 24 hours and a Pikachu Spark Summon Gear¥AUD$5.99Ł3.99
Plenty of Pokémon Set400 Poké Diamond plus you can get up to 2 more Pokémon when clearing a stage for 3 days¥AUD$5.99Ł3.99
Really Refined Set600 Poké Diamonds plus a Refining Ore slot for three days¥AUD$9.99Ł€5.99
Poké Diamond Set800 Poké Diamonds Plus 80 Poké Diamonds a day for 30 days¥AUD$16.99Ł€7.99
100 Poké Diamond100 Poké Diamonds¥AUD$1.49Ł0.99
300 Poké Diamond300 Poké Diamonds¥AUD$4.49Ł2.99
1000 Poké Diamond1000 Poké Diamonds¥AUD$14.99Ł9.99
2500 Poké Diamond2500 Poké Diamonds¥AUD$38.99Ł23.99